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Wine – we feature a wide array of old/new world wines from various regions, and a specialty selection of wine varietals from Southern Africa, one of the world’s best grape producing regions. Indulge in a delectable glass of wine to unwind while gathering with friends or meeting with a client. Whatever your flavor, we keep it calm and relaxed, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere while expanding your wine palette.



Paintings – African paintings depict realism, telling a story of lifestyles, traditions or cultural experiences. Our collection features works from African artists, who express their creativity through each painting as they strive to etch an unshakable image of the diverse African experience in the viewer’s mind Masks – Our exquisite collections features traditional masks from East and West African countries Sculpture – Nigeria is known for producing some of the most exquisite ancient sculptures in Africa, and our collection features some classic and contemporary sculptures from the Yoruba, Benin, and numerous other tribes from various parts of West Africa Bronze/Iron – Our collection features contemporary metal works featuring royal depictions, life-forms, and animal-forms.



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The Inspiration

Ògùn Art + Wine is an art gallery and wine bar set in an enchanted venue in the Memorial Heights area of Houston. The gallery features art primarily from Nigeria and West Africa, and the wine bar features wine from various wine producing regions in the Americas, Europe, and an emphasis on South Africa. We also feature a delectable food menu!

The venue is laid out thematically with a uniquely artistic flair. Beautiful paintings adorn the walls of the cool and cozy environment, while beautiful masks and sculpture dot various corners of the venue. The nicely arrayed elegant furniture coupled with the smooth world music background vibes creates a welcoming atmosphere for…“The Gathering Place”.

Ògùn Art + Wine began with the founder’s vision, after an experience kindled his interest in establishing a destination where cultural misperceptions about Africa could be demystified. “We hope to ignite in you a keen interest in Africa, its people, and to introduce your tastes to the richness of African cultural diversity”.

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